Heart Disease the Silent Killer

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The heart is the center of the body’s cardiovascular system. Throughout the body’s blood vessels, the heart pumps blood to all of the body’s cells. The blood carries oxygen, which the cells need. Heart disease is a group of medical problems that occur when the heart and blood vessels aren’t working the way they should.
No one is immune to this silent and frequently deadly killer. People can be born with a heart defect or disease and have no idea until they have a heart attack, symptoms relating to a stroke or in the worst case scenario, sudden death.
Children are often victims as they may have a heart defect that happens as they are growing in the womb. Often this is well before the mother knows she is pregnant. These heart defects and diseases can be treated efficiently using a multitude of medical miracle breakthroughs involving surgery and other treatment.
Heart disease is a problem that affects any culture, any race at any age. Some people are more likely to develop heart disease; overall no one is totally safe from heart disease.
Lifestyle choices often play a huge part in the development of heart disease. Excess weight, lack of exercise, diets high in fat can make anyone a candidate for a heart problem. Smoking active or passive can cause the buildups inside the heart, causing it to not work as efficiently as it should.
The term Cardiovascular Disease covers a large number of diseases that directly affect the heart and the blood vessel system. It especially affects the veins and arteries that lead to and from the heart. Research has suggested that women who suffer with cardiovascular disease usually suffer from forms that affect the blood vessels. While men usually suffer from forms that affect the heart muscle itself.
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